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Activities in Limburg

The middle of Limburg is the favourite setting for all kinds of activities in Limburg and has a lot to offer: cultural history in the historic Maas cores, stunning nature on the banks and the adjacent hinterland and the huge amount of water, which develops more and  more water sports opportunities. These regional core values are often a subtle way through the many activities available in Limburg by Rederij Cascade. You will find many packages, where a boat trip could be combined with an activity ' on the land '.

Cultural activities in Limburg

The 'sister tows' of Wessem, Thorn and Stevensweert all breathe their own atmosphere, despite their common location on the water. A tour across the historic core of these villages is really worth doing as activity in Limburg. Led by an experienced guide, you can walk along historic buildings, historic squares and magnificent churches. To add an extra dimension to a visit to these cores is a boat trip as activity one of the things you could do. Rederij Cascade connects the historic Maas cores with a boat connection according to a fixed schedule, which is active in the period April to October.

Also, consider a boat trip as activity and view the current sailing dates and timetables of our boat trips in Middle-Limburg.

Outdoor activities in Limburg

Are you looking for a more active interpretation for an activity in Limburg? Also then Rederij Cascade has options for you! Combine a boat trip as an activity with a varied bicycle tour through Limburg, for example with tandems or electric bikes. If it’s mainly about the cosiness during the tour, consider a visit to the bike train. Because everyone has their own pace during the steps, the bike tour is suitable as activity for young and old. There are even package deals available, where a boat trip could be combined with activities such as a sailing course on the Maasplassen or as a round trip with a segway!

Take a look at our sportive and active packages and ask online a quote for an outdoor activity in Limburg

Choice of all kinds of activities in Midden-Limburg

In addition to the cultural and sportive activities in Middle-Limburg, there are many more possibilities. For example we offer our boat trip as activity, combined with a wine tasting in cities like Maastricht, Roermond and creative workshops such as cows- or scaffolding wood painting or an exciting leadership training with birds of prey. But we also offer different child-friendly activities in Limburg, so is a visit to the pancake baker really worth it and a real recommendation as a family activity with younger children.

Curious about our complete offer, check our wide choice of packages, which you can book as activity in Limburg

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