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Mother's Day brunch

We have renamed the well-known Mother's Day brunch in the middle of Limburg this year to the dinner cruise. Because this afternoon cruise is much more than just brunch ... The richly filled buffet provides a wide choice of cold starters, warm main dishes and an extensive garnish buffet. On the teppanyaki plate, the tastiest specialties are prepared while you watch; an experience in itself ...

While enjoying the exquisite cruise buffet, the kitchen is working hard on the desserts. These little pieces of art are served at the end of the sailing route at the table.

Mother's Day menu 

Nice assortment of salads, including fresh potato salad with chives and bacon, pasta salad (vegetarian), tortellini with tuna and cold dish of beef with stuffed eggs and ham asparagus rolls

Grilled pork loin with tuna mayonnaise, rosé grilled roast beef with arugula, tender grilled chicken fillet with salsa, Schwarzwälder Schinken with melon

Generous fish buffet with freshly poached salmon, smoked salmon with capers, smoked trout and mackerel and tiger prawns with surimi and fresh limo dressing

Vegetarian corner with grilled mushrooms, tomato salad with red onion and cheese, grilled zucchini / paprika / fennel, sundried tomatoes, assortment of olives, various raw salads and fruit cocktail

Various types of bread with herb butter, herb cream cheese and bruschettadip

Warm main dishes, including pork tenderloin in Limburg mustard sauce, stir-fried chicken fillet with spring vegetables, potato gratin with cheese, fries and mini snacks.

On the teppanyaki plate the chef prepares delicious tender chicken filet and marinated scampi's

Surprise dessert

In conclusion, an eye-catching surprise dessert is served: a combination of ice cream, mousse and luxurious fruit garnish. For the kids there is, alternatively, an Ola ice cream of your choice

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