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New website

Search and Book design

After an intensive period of devising, designing and developing, is the new website of Rederij Cascade finally a fact! The website is much more than a new design ... Of course the responsive website is also suitable for use on a smartphone or tablet. In addition, the website contains a comprehensive 'search and book' function, with which you can easily search - by means of filters - on type of sailing, theme, budget and number of participants. The website shows exactly the packages that meet your wishes!

Real-time offer

But extra special is that all clock-proof departures from the sailing calendar on this website are directly retrieved from our booking system. This means that the 'real time' availability is now displayed online. As soon as you book a boat trip, the reservation is automatically prepared in our booking system. Within 'a few clicks' we have booked your places and you immediately receive a confirmation by e-mail with all the information about your booking. In a later phase, payment can even be processed via iDEAL.

You can also easily request propositions or options for a group outing or charter via the internet. As soon as your application has reached our system, your package will be put in option immediately if there is availability. Of course completely without obligation! You will receive a proposition in your mailbox within 1 working day with a detailed specification of your composite package.

Secure data transfer

The security of your personal data is guaranteed through an encrypted connection, identified by https: // for the domain name. HTTPS protects data using the Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS). Data is encrypted so that information can’t be tapped or stolen. Data can’t be changed or damaged without this being noticed (data integrity). An SSL certificate is issued for this. Secure websites can be recognized by the (green) lock in the address bar of the browser. Google Chrome, the Google web browser, even indicates in the address bar if the website is secure.

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