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Steering system Stadt Wessem

In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done on a completely new steering system for the large ship 'Stadt Wessem'. Previously, steering was done with an electrical system: the steering axles, which ran from the wheelhouse to the helm, were driven by an electric motor. In an emergency, even the old-fashioned steering wheel was still used.

This winter, a hydraulic steering system was chosen. Now control currents are sent from the pilot in the wheelhouse to an electronic valve in the engine room, with which the hydraulic cylinders are driven. The hydraulic system is double, so that in fact two separate steering systems are available! These can also be controlled by different power sources. In this way, no fewer than two emergency steering systems are available. In short, an extremely reliable, very accurate, virtually maintenance-free and silent steering system. It is no coincidence that this new steering gear meets the strict requirements of new passenger ship construction.

This does mean that the use of the steering wheel is now really a thing of the past! But children, do not worry ... The wheel will remain in the wheelhouse as entertainment, so that you can still help the captain from time to time.

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