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The Cascade Back in Action

Friday, April 12, Rederij Cascade officially launched its 'new' passenger ship De Maaslakei in Maasbracht. This ship, which previously sailed under the name Cascade, is a striking sight in the Maasplassen area in Central Limburg. Both in the exterior and interior, the theme "Limburg sand and gravel extraction" has been implemented in detail in a high-quality manner. The metamorphosis and restyling from Cascade to Maaslakei was made possible in part by the province of Limburg and the municipality of Maasgouw. The official opening act on the renaming of the ship was performed last Friday by mr. Johan Lalieu (alderman for the municipality of Maasgouw) in the presence of business relations, employees, family and friends.

The theme "Limburg sand and gravel extraction" runs like a thread through the Maaslakei and has even been subtly incorporated in the new name. The province and municipality therefore did not have to think long about a financial contribution from incentive funds to promote distinctive tourist concepts on the Maasplassen. Owners David van de Runstraat and Bianca Schmitz spent 95% of the total investment amount on SMEs in Limburg: 70% on inland shipping-related companies in the municipality of Maasgouw.

New asset on the business market

With the Maaslakei, Rederij Cascade now has a unique concept, not only for the private but also for the business market. The matching slogan "Meet, celebrate and sail" makes it clear that this ship facilitates more than just cruises and parties. Small, business groups of 20 to 60 people will also find everything needed on board for, for example, a meeting, product presentation, brainstorming session or "day on the heath". They are served by 'the lackey' and are pampered both culinary and facility. The Maaslakei is equipped with high-quality (kitchen) equipment and audiovisual equipment and is optimally wheelchair-friendly.

Sand and gravel

The theme 'Limburg sand and gravel extraction' is inextricably linked to the port village of Maasbracht, the home port of Rederij Cascade, and the surrounding Maasplassen. Those who step on board the Maaslakei will be immersed in this theme on both the upper and lower decks. Elements such as mesh gravel, dredged wood and rusted steel give the Maaslakei an industrial look. An eye-catcher is the staircase that refers to the dredgers that were active in the Limburg gravel holes for a long time. The theme is brought to life in words and images using audiovisual means.

There is already a photo report of the Maaslakei online. The image report of the Maiden Trip can also be viewed on our website.

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