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Cascade crew

One of the big secrets behind the success of the shipping company is the 'Cascade crew'. A team of more than 30 employees - a mix of young and old - ensures that all processes within the company run smoothly. The team consists of nautical staff, who are not only responsible for sailing but also take care of the maintenance of the ships. In addition, there is a core team in the catering department that handles the purchasing and preparations and leads a team of flexible workers, who work on a call basis and combine their job with education, another job, or a social function.

One thing all employees have in common: they are all employed directly by the shipping company, without the intervention of a temp agency or payroll organization. This is a deliberate choice! We believe that a direct connection with our employees leads to more commitment. And that commitment is necessary to exceed our guests' expectations time and again. This goes beyond just receiving compliments... Especially when guests express their dissatisfaction, it is important that this is immediately addressed. That too is part of exceeding the expectations of our visitors...

It's therefore not surprising that we receive exceptionally high praise for our crew: extremely helpful and genuinely friendly. Even our younger employees know that hospitality is the priority, and they work with passion and dedication to put our guests at the center. We are proud that the majority of our crew has been working for the shipping company for at least three years.

We see our employees not as a cost factor, but as invaluable capital! They are best positioned to convey our mission and vision and to turn our visitors into ambassadors.

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