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human & environment

Corporate social responsibility, with an eye for 'people and the environment', is very important to Rederij Cascade. During exploitation, we strive to spare the environment as much as possible and we continually strive to improve working and conditions, all with an eye for (the residents of) our work area.


In all business processes, measures are taken to spare our environment and contribute to a greener world. This already starts at the office: all administrative processes are automated, so that hardly any paper is needed for the accounting. Also outgoing documents, such as invoices, quotations and confirmations are sent digitally by default.

In addition, all rooms on our Cruise Terminal are equipped with motion sensors, so that lighting is switched off automatically when the room is not being used. All waste on board is separated as much as possible, including food waste, plastic, plastic and paper. Also on board of our ship 'Stadt Wessem' during the restyle in 2015 opted for LED lighting. It goes without saying that all waste water on board is collected in faecal tanks, but there is actually an intake point at the terminal that is connected to the municipal sewer. In addition, since 2017 we have been using fuel additives, which significantly reduce the emissions, but also extend the service life of lubricating oil and the engine components themselves are subject to less wear and tear.


Our business management also continuously focuses on people. In the first place for our employees; we try to improve their working conditions by removing unnecessary work pressure, because our business processes have all recently been automated. In addition, we continuously try to improve safety in the workplace, for example keeping checklists of machines and kitchen equipment.

We also try to offer more comfort to our employees in terms of employment conditions. For example, we recently joined the voluntary collective agreement for daytime recreation, initiated by our branch organization RECRON. This collective labor agreement offers additional benefits for employees in exchange for the flexibility that we require from them i.v. our seasonal character.

We also pay attention to people outside our company boundaries. For example, we sponsor various initiatives in the region, sometimes in funds, but often also in kind. Consider, for example, the berth and departure location, which we make available free of charge at the Maas Binnenvaartmuseum on our Cruise Terminal, but also the Zonnebloem foundation and other associations and committees in our immediate vicinity. Moreover, we use decency to prevent the possible inconvenience of our exploitation. When the ship returns to one of the quays at night, we accompany the guests to the parking lot, for example, to limit noise nuisance on the harbor boulevard as much as possible. In our route and parking instructions, we also point out to our guests parking facilities just outside the housing concentrations, so that the quality of life for local residents is not compromised too much.

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